Aren't looking at all:

Texas - Rodriguez

Boston - Garciaparra

Yankees - Jeter

Cleveland - Vizquel, Phillips

Kansas City - Berroa

Arizona - Cintron

Atlanta - Furcal

St. Louis - Renteria

Philadelphia - Rollins


Would upgrade if they could, but Aurilia isn't enough of an upgrade to offer him a multi-year deal:

Cubs - Alex Gonzalez I

Anaheim - Eckstein

Seattle - Guillen

Minnesota - Guzman

Toronto - Woodward

W. Sox - Valentin


Would consider a stopgap while their prospect develops, but wouldn't give Aurilia longer than a one-year deal:

Cincinnati - Lopez (They already have Larkin, as well)

Tampa Bay - Weeks

Oakland - Crosby

San Diego - Greene

Milwaukee - Hardy


Would sign Miguel Tejada or Kaz Matsui, but stick with current shortstop if they can't:

Los Angeles - Izturis

Mets - Reyes


Don't have the best options, might consider an Aurilia type:

Montreal - Cabrera leaving

Pittsburgh - Wilson

Baltimore - Deivi Cruz leaving

Florida - Alex Gonzalez II: The Arbitrationing

Detroit - Infante

Houston - Everett


Probably in the market for an Aurilia-priced shortstop, if not more expensive: