Interesting righy relievers/spot starters:

Travis Phelps, AAA, 3.47 ERA, K/BB ratio of 91/38 in 93 innings
Mike Garcia, AAA & Mexican League, 2.55 ERA, K/BB ratio of 44/13 in 35 AAA innings. Looking at his impressive career stats in several different leagues and countries, I’d guess this is a bitter, bitter 35-year old man.
Sean Fesh, AA, 1.87 ERA, K/BB ratio of 71/21 in 77 innings
Buddy Carlyle, AA, 1.98 ERA, K/BB of 41/7 in 27 innings
Josue Matos, AA, 2.24 ERA, K/BB of 104/37 in 88 innings. Looks like he took to relieving very well, and he’s still young.

Interesting lefty relievers:

Corey Thurman, AAA, 4.27 ERA, K/BB ratio of 72/26 in 86 innings. Still young at 26.
Rigo Beltran, AAA, freedom-hating pinko who kept the U.S. of A. out of the Olympics, has a 3.78 career minor league ERA, though he’s been much better as a reliever.

Ryan Jensen types/Better options than Brian Powell:

Ruben Quevedo, AAA, recent second-tier prospect, 2.10 ERA in five starts with a 23/8 K/BB ratio. Limited success in bigs, and injury ended his season. Still only 25.
Travis Driskill, AAA, 2.84 in nine starts with a K/BB ratio of 36/6 in 50 innings. Less success in bigs.

Middle infield options for Fresno, if not the bench:

Trent Durrington, 2b/3b, AAA, bats right, .304/.390/.434 in hitter’s haven Salt Lake City
Adonis Harrison, 2b/ss, AAA, .292/.363/.360 in hitter’s haven Salt Lake City
Brent Butler, 2b/ss, bats right, AAA, .332/.399/.522 in hitter’s paradise Colorado Springs
Matt Erickson, AAA, bats left, 2b/3b, .342/.442/.463 in 298 at-bats

Outfielders worth having as the last guy on the bench, or in Fresno:

Rontrez Johnson, had an awful 2003 but showed promise in past.
Anton French, AAA, bats both, .293/.357/.404 with 40 SB. Pinch runner-type.
Jim Rushford, AAA, bats left, .311/.371/.416
Noah Hall, AA, bats right, .307/.434/.443 with 33 SB. Great guy to take a chance on, as he’s only 26.
Jon Nunally, AAA, bats left, crusty vet hit .269/.408/.514.

Guys who can catch a little:

Mark Johnson, bats left, has never really hit since his AA days in 1998, but lefty catchers are always worth stashing away.
Ryan Balfe, bats both, AAA, .295/.358/.464. He was always a little intriguing as a switch-hitting third baseman, but he started catching last year. If his defense is passable, he’d make a good utility man.

Note: I have no idea if any of these guys are badly injured, or devil-worshippers, or whatever. All I know is what I see with the stats, and those can be misleading. Thanks to the great resource at for the career minor league stats.