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     Monday, April 28, 2003

As Many Hits As An Izzy Stradlin Solo Album/At Least It Wasn't Kevin Brown

1) Congratulations to Kevin Millwood for his performance on Sunday. Early Vegas line on Johnny Estrada going 5 for 5 with seven RBI in the first Giants/Braves game: Even.

2) Jesse Foppert pitched much better in his second start, though he racked up over 100 pitches in only six innings. His biggest problem right now, as it was in the minors, is his inability to work efficiently. He's likely to return to Fresno, even though The Increasingly Less Useful Ryan Jensen wasn't exactly setting the Pacific Coast League ablaze in his rehab starts.

3) Did Edgardo Alfonzo share an Orange Julius straw with Jeff Cirillo in the offseason? Without a productive Alfonzo, this lineup isn't going to scare anybody. Especially if the 2003 Barry Bonds is only a really good hitter, and not something you name a constellation after.

4) "Okay, Neifi, grab a bat."
"Sure thing, Skip."

I am Neifi Perez. I am going to break up this no-hitter. You know why? Because I'm a starter. Yes, a starter. I know it, the fans know it, and that pitcher knows it. He's thinking, 'What the hell? How can they have a weapon like this on the bench?' And I'm just laughing. 'Ha ha ha', say I. You shall feel my Neifury, and know that....

"Neifi? Neifi?"
"What? Where am I? Where's everyone going?"
"Game's over, Neifi."
"I thought I was going to bat?"
"You grounded out on the first pitch, you idiot."
"Oh. Right."

5) "Merkin Valdez" update: After seven innings on Saturday, he now has 43 strikeouts and two walks in 291/3 innings. Yikes.

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     Friday, April 25, 2003

Pennsylvania Dreamin'

1) Luis Estrella, we hardly knew ye. With Jason Schmidt taking time to mourn his mother's passing, the Giants are calling up Jerome Williams to start today's game against the Phillies. With Kurt Ainsworth already doing fine in the rotation, and Jesse Foppert being the trendy guy to follow, Williams has been overlooked a little. His career to this point has been built by getting older, more experienced hitters out, and he's had a fine start to his AAA season, with a 1.29 ERA in his first four starts. According to this morning's Chronicle, he's the youngest pitcher to start for the Giants since a 20-year old Mark Grant.

2) Extra Bases Watch: Entering Saturday, Todd Linden has one double on the year, tying him with pitcher Jeff Urban. While that doesn't sound good, you have to remember Linden is only two extra base hits behind Clay Bellinger.

3) Twenty-two innings pitched, 36 strikeouts, and only two walks. It's about time for "Merkin Valdez" to jump up a level, and maybe even skip the California League. There's no reason to rush him, as the Giants aren't going to need him anytime soon, but he's old enough (21) to throw into the fire. Baseball Prospectus wrote an article which quotes an unnamed observer as saying "Merkin" is the most impressive pitcher he's seen in three years of covering the South Atlantic League. After reading Peter Gammons for years, I'm starting to think the mystical unnamed observer is the baseball version of "my sister knew this guy who was an orderly the night Richard Gere was admitted", but as long as they're telling you what you want to hear, I'm all for it.

4) Damian Moss still scares me. It might take a year of watching him have success with the effectively wild technique, but any pitcher without command will make me squirm. I'd love for the Giants to get a good year out of him, then trade him for a first baseman after the season. It would be even nicer if he developed before our eyes this year, and became a solid pitcher in San Francisco for seasons to come. Regardless, 4-0, ERA under 3.00 is a great way to start.

5) Joe Nathan has pitched 14 2/3 innings without allowing an earned run. I'm not the type to say "I told you so", so let's just say Nathan's transformation from injury problem to bullpen ace has been extraordinary to follow. I had faith in you all along, Joe.

Quick note: Salomon Torres is starting against the Dodgers tonight. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

posted by G at 3:10 PM

     Wednesday, April 23, 2003


1) While most of my predictions about Jesse Foppert were somewhat tongue-in-cheek, his debut truly was a letdown. I would have more reservations about the performance if Foppert had control issues in the minors, which he didn't. It would be worrisome if Foppert were hit hard repeatedly, and he wasn't. While I'm coming around to the idea of giving the Great Right (Handed) Hope some more seasoning in AAA, I'm still not convinced Ryan Jensen would help the Giants win more ballgames.

2) If Barry Bonds isn't available to pinch-hit for Ruben Rivera an extra-inning game, his neck must really be hurting. And, like the idea that Bigfoot is what's blurry, not the pictures, that is extra scary to me. The Giants medical staff is generally well regarded, so I'm not going to take issue if caution is what's deemed necessary. But it would be nice if he could pinch-hit. Really, really nice.

3) It's not fair, but when Neifi Perez does anything wrong on defense, it disturbs me more than anything in baseball right now. Perez is a good defensive player, and even the best make mistakes, but, well, you know.

4) After getting in front of J.T. Snow 0-2 in the eleventh inning, Joe Beimel walked him. He then started Benito Santiago with three straight balls before Santiago hit a single off a 3-0 pitch. Benard then swung at the first pitch of his at-bat, and grounded into an inning-ending double play. I don't know too much about the science of hitting, but maybe the idea was that Beimel isn't usually wild, and would groove the next two pitches to get back on track. Maybe. It was still an annoying sequence, and the better guess is that Santiago and Benard are mindless hackers. If your catcher is hitting .300 with a little power, fine, let him hack. However, the Benard Equation - the more playing time he gets, the more frustrating he becomes to watch - is on the verge of moving from theory to law.

5) The Giants have had a great start to the year, but they hadn't had a dramatic, late-inning comeback before Wednesday night. I'll take an error to win a ballgame any day, too. Pride is overrated.

posted by G at 8:21 PM

     Tuesday, April 22, 2003


1) Well, that was ugly. There aren't too many positive aspects to a 16-4 drubbing, though it helps to find out sooner rather than later that the team's mop-up men shouldn't be trusted in close games. Even if the Damian Moss or Russ Ortiz school of good stuff/poor control pitching has been a feature of recent Giant teams, the Jim Brower model of mediocre stuff/poor control isn't helping anybody. Chad Zerbe has been a solid reliever since he entered the big leagues, but if a pitcher with an arm like Alan Embree's can alternate between unhittable and hittable seasons, the team shouldn't make too much of an effort to wait around for a soft-tosser like Zerbe. Looking at the big picture, there are worse problems than debating the last pitchers on the staff of a 14-3 team.

2) Jesse Foppert's debut as a starter will begin in minutes against Pittsburgh. Fearless prediction: At some point during the game, Reggie Sanders will swing through a pitch. If it happens, remember you read it here first.

The fall of the Berlin Wall. Apollo 11 touching down on the moon. Jesse Foppert's first start. Not to exaggerate or belabor the point, or anything.

3) It might not have sunk in right away, but not having Robb Nen is a huge loss for this bullpen. When he isn't "on", he can be frustrating to watch, and his failures were always a little more devastating because he was the closer. When healthy, however, he is one of the best relievers ever. One of the team's biggest strengths entering the season is now one of the team's biggest question marks. If any of the Nathan/Worrell/Rodriguez combination starts to struggle, the Giants might be forced to make a trade sooner than they'd like.

posted by G at 11:34 AM

     Sunday, April 20, 2003


1) Ray Durham is sidelined for a while, and Neifi Perez decides to be productive in his place. Marquis Grissom finally produces, gets hurt, and Ruben Rivera steps in with a homerun. This isn't going to last forever, though. There's no way this team will stay on their current pace and go 139-23. I'm thinking 135 wins, tops.

2) The starting staff is now 10-0, and that includes a pair of Ryan Jensen immolations. Aside from Jensen, Kurt Ainsworth has the highest ERA on the staff with a 3.79, though Ainsworth has allowed the fewest baserunners of all the starters. No confirmation on the reports that Damian Moss was ticketed for stealing a police officer's bike in the offseason.

3) As each day goes past, I'm wondering when the time is right to start freaking out about Edgardo Alfonzo and Todd Linden. While breathing into a paper bag and muttering "It's only April! It's only April!", it helps to notice that at least Alfonzo is still being patient, walking 10 times in 57 at-bats. Linden has had about the same start to his year as Neifi Perez, but in AAA. Maybe he won't be ready for right field next year. Maybe the Giants will never, ever, ever, ever produce an All-Star outfielder again. It's only April, it's only April....

4) The Giants don't need to run out and trade Jerome Williams and Boof Bonser for Jorge Julio, but another good right-hander would help the pen. Any reliever the Giants trade for should be cheap, durable, and able to hold his own against lefties. The Marlins' Vladimir Nunez fits all of those criteria, and is having a horrible start to the year, which might lower his value. He's eligible for arbitration after the year, so Florida should be willing to part with him for a mid-level prospect. If Giant scouts don't see anything physically wrong with him, he could be a decent trade target.

5) Someone found this site by entering "charley horse cure" into Google. In the hopes of keeping our sore-legged friend as a reader, I'll offer up the following advice: Don't piss off your older brother. Thanks for visiting.

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     Friday, April 18, 2003

Brown v. Schmidt

1) One of the more fascinating Giants tidbits was unearthed by Tracy Ringolsby, everyone's favorite Stetson-bedecked wordsmith, in today's Rocky Mountain News. He reports Chad Zerbe is now the all-time leader for appearances in the major leagues without a loss. While this is almost entirely due to Dusty Baker's pathological fear of putting Zerbe into close games, it's still an impressive accomplishment. Right now, there's someone toiling in the Federal League who can be inspired by Zerbe's rise to the majors.

2) Thursday was a bad night to be a Giant farmhand, as Boof Bonser, Erick Threets, and Matt Cain were all roughed up. Watching Threets throw in the final exhibition game against Seattle, I am absolutely flabbergasted that anyone can make contact against him. He pitches like those fabled 103 mph radar gun readings, which are almost urban legend by now, are too slow. He can be hit every once and again, though, and still has a long way to go.

3) The Giants will begin a weekend series against the Dodgers tonight, starting the undefeated trio of Jason Schmidt, Damian Moss, and Kurt Ainsworth. As much as I hate to give any credit to the unwashed heathen from Los Angeles, there aren't many pitchers more fun to watch than Eric Gagne. Most closers are indistinguishable from the average middle reliever, Tim Worrell being a perfect example of the generic closer, but Gagne has command of what seems like eighty different pitches, all good enough to get a strikeout. I'm hoping he never starts again.

posted by G at 3:43 PM

     Thursday, April 17, 2003

So That's What Losing Feels Like - It Kind of Sucks

1) In the past, I've predicted Jesse Foppert to win the 2003 World Series MVP and 2004 Cy Young, cure psoriasis, and help me file my income taxes. While those have been fairly modest predictions so far, I might need to be a little more realistic. He apparently can be hit hard, as in the game against the Astros last night. Maybe handing the fifth starter's spot to him shouldn't be a given at this point. He might help the team win more games than Jensen, but allowing him to really develop might be more important.

2) Watching Kirk Rueter sail through four innings before giving up forty-seven hits in the fifth was familiar. Not familiar like the smell of an old uncle's smoking jacket, but familiar in the "What's that sound? I thought I told you to put out the rat poison last night? Well, then what's that sound?" kind of way. Rueter is one of my favorite pitchers, and has had an outstanding start to this year, so my worries aren't based on anything, really. He just seems so danged hittable.

3) Ryan Hannaman has mowed through the California League in the early parts of the year, striking out 24 hitters in 13 innings. His control is still less-than-perfect, but that's a long way from being a real concern. It would be great to see him break in with the Giants in 2005, but he also might have the best trade value of the low-level prospects. Here's hoping he brings something useful, and not a half-assed replacement for Robb Nen. Kelvim Escobar, I'm looking at you.

4) If Edgardo Alfonzo was going to slump, at least he did it when the team was on a 13-2 run. It's so easy - fun, even - to overreact to the first two weeks of the year. Through May last year, I thought we were watching the end of Jeff Kent's peak, and he seemed to do okay. I'm looking forward to watching the real Alfonzo.

5) All winning streaks come to an end at some point, but you knew Neifi Perez, Lemaster of His Domain, pinch-hitting for Ray Durham with runners on scoring position wasn't going to help the cause.

6) A lot of people have found this site by entering "Merkin Valdez" into Google, hoping to find more information on the hard throwing Hagerstown Sun. Someone drew my attention to the english definition of "Merkin", however, which you can find here, or in a little more depth here. Wow, talk about unfortunate translations. Manuel Mateo it is.

How would you even attach it? Glue? Double-sided tape? Some questions are better left to the scientists.

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     Monday, April 14, 2003


1) Marvin Benard is a good fourth outfielder - or a good seventh outfielder to Felipe Alou - and it's good to see him be a hero. Benard will never recapture that '99, er, magic (sleight-of-hand, maybe?), but he is a good hitter to have up against pitchers like Andy Ashby. He can't hit the high fastball, and he can't cover centerfield, but he can contribute to a bench.

2) Jesse Foppert pitched in his first major league game tonight, coming into a perfect situation. The Giants wanted a little rest for the bullpen after a 12 inning game, but also needed to protect a three-run lead. Foppert got to start his career in a spot with limited pressure, still needing to get outs. Perfect.

ESPN announcer Rick Sutcliffe might have a head made of meat, but he quickly marveled at Foppert's ability to throw a fastball to Jeff Bagwell when behind in the count. After watching Foppert in a regular season game, I can't imagine Ryan Jensen reclaiming the fifth spot.

3) Neifi Perez's defense is as good as advertised. He also hits like Kirk Rueter with sand in his eyes. I'm not the hugest fan of giving a three or four year deal to Rich Aurilia, but the alternative is scary. Watching "The Exorcist" on bad acid scary.

4) Damian Moss is fun to watch when he's even remotely around the plate, drawing a lot of bad swings with his change. He can still uncork some wild ones, but if Hollywood has taught me anything, it's that a pitcher's control problems can be solved by a pair of prescription glasses. How 'bout it, Sabean?

5) Someone found this site by entering "slapped by Nicole Kidman" into Google. While that's odd enough, the searcher waded through 130 search results before ending up here. How many people is Kidman laying into? I'm picturing results one through forty-seven as an apple-cheeked litany of housemaids, agents and talk-show hosts before things settle down. This deserves far more attention than I can give it.

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     Sunday, April 13, 2003

Come Again Some Other Day

1) Thursday night's performance by Kurt Ainsworth was refreshing, as every arm in the Giant bullpen had that "fifteen tetanus shots and a charley horse" feeling. The most impressive thing about the start was Ainsworth only needing 100 pitches to get through eight innings. His biggest problem in the minors was a fear of giving in to lefties - last year, he walked 28 in 45 aggregate innings against left-handed batters - but now he's pitching in the best park in baseball to conquer that fear.

2) Ray Ratto, everyone's favorite mustachioed wordsmith, came up with a good column for Sunday. While I can sometimes be a little hard on Brian Sabean, occasionally with good reason, Ratto put things in perspective by assembling a 25-man roster of players Sabean has traded. The number three hitter was David McCarty. Point made.

3) The stats looked like Joe Nathan was pitching 84 mph last year, and apparently he was. Padres GM Kevin Towers said, "He looks like a closer, throwing 95-96 mph easy. I saw him last year and thought he was done. He was throwing 84-85." While I'm not convinced Nathan is going to remain the best pitcher in the bullpen, it shows why decisions aren't made by know-it-all bloggers with no access to spring training games.

4) "Hey, Ryan. C'mere."
"Yeah, Stan?"
"How's your back feel?"
"Fine. Right as rain. I feel great."
"No, uh, 'lower back strains', or anything?"
"No, I, wait, what are you doing? OW! What the hell was that?"
"How 'bout now?"
"Well, that hurt, but I'm oka...AAAAAIGGHH!!! Now what was that? My back! My back!"
"Help me load him in the trunk, Barney."

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     Wednesday, April 09, 2003

The First Loss and a Football Score

1) Ryan Jensen was slapped around today like Faye Dunaway in Chinatown. Two innings, eight earned runs, and a gift no-decision. I wished he'd start the year as well as Greg Maddux, but the wish came true in a creepy, "Twilight Zone" kind of way. I'm tempted to say that either Jesse Foppert or Jerome Williams is breathing down Jensen's neck, but I'm almost as worried about Damian Moss. While Moss is perfect for the Giants, possessing that perfect combination of good stuff and zero idea of where it's going, he's looking like a liability for a contender.

Could the Giants survive with Ainsworth, Foppert and Williams in the rotation? I'd like to think so, but it wouldn't be reassuring. My guess is that either Jensen or Moss will turn it around, and one will be replaced. I think Moss has more upside, and the organization knows it, so they'll stick with him as long as they can. Jensen needs a quality start, and he needs it soon.

2) Edgardo Alfonzo is now hitting after Ray Durham in the batting order, at least until Alfonzo finds his power stroke. Alfonzo and Durham are the best hitters Bonds has had in front of him since, well, ever. At least as far as on-base percentage is concerned. There isn't a hitter who could provide ample protection hitting behind Bonds, so maybe the way to force teams to pitch to Bonds is to fill the bases in front of him. With two on, and one out, few would choose to load the bases for even Cruz, especially if Cruz keeps hitting like Willie Mays.

3) The Giants missed Jason Christiansen in last night's ugly game. Scott Eyre was called to take an inning against both righties and lefties, and couldn't get the righties out. Christiansen never had problems with right-handers, making him a good, if expensive, setup man. Eyre is pitching like former waiver chum, and Chad Zerbe like a Western League refugee - which is exactly what they are - so a healthy Christiansen would be welcome. Eyre and Zerbe should still be useful, but it wouldn't be a total shock to see them go the way of Jim Poole.

4) Another day, another Giant farmhand striking out over half the batters he faces. This time Ryan Hannaman rebounded from a rough first outing, striking out 11 in five innings. If a fifth of the Giants' best pitching prospects succeed in the majors, the team will have more pitchers than they know what to do with. You could have said that about the White Sox three years ago, so it's probably best to temper the glee, but it'll be an interesting ride. It certainly beats hoping for Dan Carlson to save the franchise.

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     Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Up, Eleven, Samurai, Dwarves....

1) Barry Bonds has started the season like he's pissed people aren't mentioning Rob Deer anymore. If he isn't striking out, he's walking. If he's not walking, he's popping up. Between the pop-ups, he's kind enough to mix in a homer or two. While I'm always up for needless panic and hand-wringing, it is worth remembering that through the first seven games of 2001, Bonds was hitting .103, with a .188 on-base percentage and .241 slugging percentage. There's no reason to send up the flares until May, at the earliest.

2) Jason Schmidt pitching as well as he has takes the sting out of the frightening start from Kevin Brown. If the Dodgers are going to have a six-inning ace, by golly, we need to keep up with them. If Schmidt actually starts to pace himself better, it will be a pretty thing to watch.

3) Fun with projected stats:

J.T. Snow, at his current pace - 27 home runs, 162 runs batted in, 54 runs scored, and 0 for 27 in steal attempts.
Barry Bonds, at his current pace - 54 home runs, 135 runs batted in, 189 runs scored, and 27 for 27 in steal attempts.

4) Matthew Cain kept the streak alive, becoming the third Giant minor league pitcher to have a ridiculously good performance in as many days. The 18-year old first round pick struck out 10 batters in five innings, walking one, and giving up a hit. Cain, "Merkin Valdez", and Carlos Portorreal all struck out two batters per inning in their minor league season debuts.

On a similar note, titular sensation Boof Bonser had a much better start to AA this year. If the snow would stop, we would be able to see how the rest of the Double-A team is doing.

posted by G at 12:52 AM

     Sunday, April 06, 2003

Streak-Dome '97

1) What is a better name for Sunday's lineup: The Tired of Winning Lineup, or Sympathy for the Brewers Lineup? If you're going to rest Barry Bonds, do it on a day when you're not resting Ray Durham. I'm pretty sure the Marquis Grissom/Neifi Perez combo is the worst pair of career on-base percentages I've ever seen lead off a game. If they keep winning, though, I wouldn't care if Kirk Rueter and Duane Kuiper lead off.

2) John Vander Wal seems like a great guy, and he's a solid player to have on a team, but, man, was he ever frustrating as a Giant. Looking back, my expectations were probably ridiculously high following his great and flukish 2000 season, but my memories of Vander Wal consist of him swinging like a drunken Jeromy Burnitz in important situations.

3) Just as I predicted, Yorvit Torrealba hit a triple in his first at-bat of the year.

4) Jesse Foppert opened his AAA season with five innings, nine strikeouts, no walks, and three hits. If he keeps pitching like that, there's not much Ryan Jensen will be able to do.

5) Just when I was resigned to being the world's worst at reading too much into one week's worth of at-bats, Bruce Jenkins writes that Mark Grudzielanek has "a catalyst's look". Jenkins also referred to new Baseball Tonight analyst Bobby Valentine as "charming". Valentine always seems like he's hosting an infomercial, which is annoying enough, but his subtle creepiness makes it seem like the infomercial would be for the DVD, "Winning the Hearts of High Schoolers Through Stalking."

posted by G at 1:02 PM

     Friday, April 04, 2003

Just Wait 'Til We Hit the Soft Part of the Schedule

1) One game doesn't mean anything. I wouldn't yank Greg Maddux from the rotation because of his opening day start. That said, it's about time to begin an official Foppert Watch. The Somewhat Useful Ryan Jensen gave up four homers to a team using John Vander Wal as their clean-up hitter. I'm sure Jensen will get at least two months to pitch himself out of the rotation, but there's little job security in an organization with so many options.

2) The bullpen has been outstanding so far, even with Robb Nen ailing. While I'm not too crazy about letting Tim Worrell close, it lets Felipe Alou put Felix Rodriguez - his best pitcher - in game-defining situtations. Joe Nathan is making me look like a fool, and let's hope that continues.

3) The minor leagues started play yesterday, and there were a lot of interesting pitchers going for the San Francisco affiliates. Jerome Williams was untouchable in his first start for Fresno, striking out six and walking one in five innings. Ryan Hannaman survived his first appearance in High-A, as he struck out six hitters, but only pitched three innings and allowed seven baserunners. "Melkin Valdez" pitched like an age-adjusted man among boys for Low-A Norwich, striking out 12 in only six innings. While Damian Moss is an interesting and cheap pitcher, "Valdez" could be the part of the Russ Ortiz deal that tips the scales in the Giants' favor.

Lance Niekro left the Fresno game clutching his hamstring, which doesn't sound good. Right now, Niekro looks like a combination of the least desirable qualities of Shea Hillenbrand (unwilling to work the count) and J.D. Drew (injury-prone).

4) John Vander Wal. Seriously.

posted by G at 6:31 PM

     Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Walking Down the Sweep

1) It wouldn't be a Giants team without that one pitcher lacking any hint of control. Damian Moss walked six, and still ended up with the win, but there aren't too many times he'll get away with that. If Kirk Rueter and William VanLandingham mated, the kid would pitch like Moss. There would also be a lot of questions.

2) If Andres Galaragga isn't going to start against lefties like Oliver Perez, why is he on the team? Alou could be going with J.T. Snow early to put him in a rhythm, and there never was mention of a strict platoon, but El Gato Grande shouldn't just be bench fodder. If Galaragga is just going to be a pinch-hitter, I'd rather have Damon Minor on the bench to help with the weakest aspect of the Giant bench, left-handed power.

3) The Giants traded David Cash to the Cubs for Gerard McCall and a player to be named later. Cash isn't exactly a top prospect, but he has a chance of being a Ryan Jensen type, or a servicable reliever. McCall, on the other hand, hit .199 playing against the Springfield/Ozark Ducks and the Fort Worth Cats in the independent Central League. He also struck out 71 times in 261 at-bats, which is a Glenallen Hill pace. In the Central League.

The Giants organization is truly thin at catcher, and there isn't anything wrong with swapping the mediocre pitching prospects for roster filler. But this seems like Brian Sabean is playing the part of the panicky husband storming into a Sears at 5:48 p.m. on Valentine's Day, and McCall is the sequined, lime green bathrobe.

posted by G at 11:04 PM


Small Ball

1) Benito Santiago hit another homer today. Please, consider donating to his PayPal account for each home run he hits. Together we can make a difference.

2) Signing Reggie Sanders for relative peanuts was a nice move last offseason, but Jose Cruz, Jr. could turn out to be an even better deal. Not only does Cruz keep Ray Durham out of centerfield, and Neifi Perez out of the lineup, but he has looked like a patient, mature hitter for the first two games. If he comes close to his 2001 season, it was the best signing of the winter by any team.

3) The Hagerstown Suns (low-A) roster is now up, leaving only the Fresno Grizzlies roster a mystery. First round pick Matt Cain will head up the Suns' pitching, with Clay Hensley and "Merkin Valdez" rounding out the staff. Travis Ishikawa - a reputed second-round talent apparently stolen in the 21st round - will make his full season debut. While the team looks like an interesting one, I'm pretty sure they made up the names of the catchers.

4) Jon Miller is one of the best things about any baseball season. Listening to tonight's game over 800 miles away, I got chills when he described Barry Bonds' home run as "heading towards Nevada". Miller calls the game like the wide-eyed fan of the game he is.

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